Textured Concept Foods supplies both large organisations (hospitals and aged care homes) and private individuals. Here, we’ve tried to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about our range.

How extensive is the Textured Concept Foods range?

We have 20 different meat dishes, including Lamb, Beef, Chicken, Pork and Fish. Options include roasts, sausages, chops and lasagne to name just a few. There are also vegetarian options including chickpea curry and lentil cottage pie. We have 8 different vegetables, 5 fruits, and 18 desserts and snacks –including chocolate cake, lemon pannacotta and tiramisu. You’re sure to find something you’ll enjoy.

As a private customer at home, how do I prepare the food?

It really is as easy as ‘plate, thaw, heat and serve’. First take your chosen items out of the freezer, eg. lamb roast slices, a piece of pumpkin, carrots and beans. Place on a dinner plate, cover with cling wrap and leave it to defrost (safest method is in the fridge). Just before meal time, place in the microwave along with a glass of water ( this creates the required moist heating environment). Cook for 1-1.5 mins covered. Remove from microwave. You may like to add a sauce or gravy as provided by TCF, or your own. Allow to sit for 2 minutes, then enjoy.

What if I don’t like certain foods?

No problem! Don’t order them! Textured Concept Foods does not plate a mixed meal, rather we allow for you to order the food items you like. They come in packs of 2 or in larger quantities (max 10 per pack). You create your own meal with the items you like!

So this is not a pre-plated meal?

No, its not pre-plated. We provide all the convenience of a pre-plated option, but the flexibility to tailor your own meal.

Is it nutritious?

Absolutely. All items are created using all natural ingredients, freshly prepared then snap frozen for your convenience. Our meals are handmade. Our resident dietitian is integral to our recipe development to ensure that all items are as wholesome as possible. [Our research shows TCF meals actually provide 8.5-37.5% more protein than regular scooped puree meals.]

I understand Textured Concept Foods services hospitals and aged care homes, do you  also home deliver for private individuals?

Yes! Your order is delivered in a freezer van direct to your door. Just place it straight in your freezer. When required, take out the items you wish to use from the resealable bags and plate up your meal.

For a personal  situation, how do I order?

Its best to order via our email; orders@texturedconceptfoods.com.au. Phone orders can be done, however, we do prefer it processed via our email address.

For use at home, how much should I order? 

Items come in smaller packs of  4 or 5 items or up to 10 item packs or larger. We recommend purchasing 3 x10 packs of meat varieties and 6 vegetables on a rotation basis which will last you 1 month supply for a meal a day.

For pricing and delivery details specific to your situation, call us direct on: 03) 5428 7589 or email: info@texturedconceptfoods.com.au

About our Company

Textured Concept Foods is an Australian company that specialises in cooking a range of delicious and appetizing meals and desserts for a texture modified diet.

We started out with a passion and love to restore dignity to a texture modified diet and we believe in using real food in all of our products.


"TCF moulded products.. have allowed my staff to present attractive, nutritionally sound smooth pureed meals to our residents while still fitting into our budgetary constraints.”
Andy Greer, LHI Lutheran Retirement Services

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Orders can be made via
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