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Porridge with Milk and Puree Prunes White Coffee / Orange Juice

Morning Tea

TCF Strawberry Madelaine Biscuits White Tea


TCF Meat Loaf with Gravy
Mashed Potato
TCF Broccoli, TCF Carrot
TCF Apricot Puree garnished with Cream Glass of Water / White Tea

Afternoon Tea

TCF Chocolate Kisses White Tea


TCF Fish Fillet with Lemon and Dill Sauce Mashed Potato
TCF Peas, TCF Cauliflower,
TCF Tiramisu

Glass of Water / White Tea


Milky Milo

*Sample menu provides 8.8MJ and 75g Protein, of which A Simple Delight menu items provides 4.7MJ and 47g Protein 

About our Company

Textured Concept Foods is an Australian company that specialises in cooking a range of delicious and appetizing meals and desserts for a texture modified diet.

We started out with a passion and love to restore dignity to a texture modified diet and we believe in using real food in all of our products.


"TCF moulded products.. have allowed my staff to present attractive, nutritionally sound smooth pureed meals to our residents while still fitting into our budgetary constraints.”
Andy Greer, LHI Lutheran Retirement Services

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