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‘From a business perspective, we can guarantee consistency, quality and food safety across all of our 24 aged care facilities, serving high standard meals for the minced mash and puree diets. The reduction in skilled labour costs to produce a similar product onsite is incomparable to conventional methods, not to mention the specialised equipment needed to produce a comparable product on a daily basis.’

Stephen Milsted Hospitality Operations Manager – BlueCross


‘ We have implemented TCF moulded meals into our acute tertiary facility of 630 beds since April 2015. Patients on texture modified diets have reported an improvement in both taste and appearance of their meals and we have demonstrated improved food and nutritional intake of 13g extra protein per patient per day…Our speech pathology and nursing feedback has also been positive with repect to therapeutic compliancy and ease of feeding patients.’

Bianca Neaves A/Dietitian Team Leader Food Services, The Prince Charles Hospital, Qld


‘My husband has been enjoying your delicious food every day. It really helped at special occasions such as Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, his and other family birthdays, visiting friends and attending his nephew’s wedding.  David met with friends this morning so took Swiss roll & fruit to have with his coffee. We are so grateful.’


And an update:

‘ David is doing so well on your food that the dietician says he no longer needs to be fed via the PEG. We are seeing the specialist this week and expect to be told when David can go back to theatre to have the tube removed.  Your service has been an absolute life-saver for us. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Margaret Carer for family member – Private Client, VIC


‘It is said that we eat with our eyes therefore it was truly amazing to see how fantastic the moulded vitamised food served to our residents looked. You no longer have to guess what vegetable the green or the orange mash is on the plate as it looks like the peas and carrots that sits on all the other plates. I, along with other staff members, residents and relatives had to do a double take when we saw the biscuit and pate being served to the residents on a vitamised diet. I thought surely this could not taste as good as it looked but sure enough, although there was no crunch, the taste was delicious.’

Georgette Georges Service Manager / DON – Hope Aged Care


‘We have worked as carers of the elderly for many years and in many establishments. The food here at Scothman’s Creek is the best we have seen. The new vitamised concept Terry and his team are doing now, looks as good as the normal meals and gives our vitamised residents something to look forward to. Relatives have also commented on how good they look and how much their loved ones are enjoying the meals.’

Sue Berends & Sue Thomas Personal Carers – Scotchman’s Creek 


‘Finally…. A range of products that are designed specifically for the aged care market. Darren and his team have developed real food for residents requiring modified texture diets. The daily battle experienced by aged care facilities in providing food that looks and tastes like real food is over! This nutritionally balanced food has the potential for significant cost benefits to facilities with a decrease in wastage and supplement use. The food looks and tastes like real food and the range is enormous. The desserts are very attractive and will no doubt result in other facility residents requesting “I want what their having”. We all know that we eat with our eyes and nose but for residents requiring modified texture food (often the most vulnerable in our facilities!) the choice has been limited, but with this range of product residents now have a real choice in the food that is offered to them. Food is not just a “means to an end”.. its about the social and pleasurable experience. This product respects the rights of resident to know and enjoy what they are eating.   Congratulations to Darren and his team for producing such a quality product for our industry.’

Jane Newbound Aged Care Consultant


“Quite by accident I researched options for pureed food and was referred to you. (I can tell you there are very limited options.)


I have absolutely refused to tube feed Jay as I know he can eat and has beautiful mouth movement and the problem has been a behavioural one. As his mum he will eat for me, quite often under protest, however for any carer he picks and chooses who he will eat for. My how things have changed!!!


With your products, Jay is eating the food -very rarely with complaints- and will eat for other people even those he doesn’t know.


This food is amazing on so many different levels (in addition to Jay eating without protest)

1.       The flavour – the kids are getting to taste things that they have never tried before and I have tried everything and tastes exactly as it should and full of flavour.

2.       The texture is perfect.

3.       The nutritional content – I know exactly what nutritional content they are consuming.

4.       The preparation time has reduced significantly.

5.       It is visually appealing and for myself and carers feeding Jay we are happily able to discuss his  meal with him.

6.       The boys are even putting on weight.


I have gone to a few different dieticians and they have generally suggested adding paediasure to their drinks and meals however never really got any results– but this is something special. My heartfelt thanks and appreciation – you will never understand fully what a big difference you have made in our lives.”

Lee Parent Carer of twins with Cerebral Palsy – Private Client, QLD


Paul loves his food! The variety is great. And so simple for staff to use. Thankyou

Belinda Smith Leonard Team Leader – Bayley House

About our Company

Textured Concept Foods is an Australian company that specialises in cooking a range of delicious and appetizing meals and desserts for a texture modified diet.

We started out with a passion and love to restore dignity to a texture modified diet and we believe in using real food in all of our products.


"TCF moulded products.. have allowed my staff to present attractive, nutritionally sound smooth pureed meals to our residents while still fitting into our budgetary constraints.”
Andy Greer, LHI Lutheran Retirement Services

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