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Committed to caring through catering excellence.

To achieve this at Textured Concept Foods our aims are:

  • To provide our customers with products that consistently meets their needs and expectations.
  • To continually develop new products and concepts for our customers.
  • To continually improve all facets of the company’s activities.


The quality and safety of the company’s products and its high level of customer service are the concern of every person working for the company and are not just the responsibility of management. Quality and customer service starts with the planning of any activity by the company, through all phases of its operations. A “Do it right the first time” approach is the key to quality, customer service and productivity.

The company will assure its customers that industry standards are maintained to ensure the safety of the food products it supplies. Specifically, the company has instituted and will continue to maintain a food safety program based on the principles of “HACCP” that complies with all relevant regulatory requirements.

Furthermore, all employees and contracted personnel will be made aware of the company’s quality policy. Consequently, training programs will be instituted to ensure that all persons involved in the company’s operations acquire the skills necessary to achieve the quality and food safety outcomes in their particular area of activity.

About our Company

Textured Concept Foods is an Australian company that specialises in cooking a range of delicious and appetizing meals and desserts for a texture modified diet.

We started out with a passion and love to restore dignity to a texture modified diet and we believe in using real food in all of our products.


"TCF moulded products.. have allowed my staff to present attractive, nutritionally sound smooth pureed meals to our residents while still fitting into our budgetary constraints.”
Andy Greer, LHI Lutheran Retirement Services

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Contact Us

Textured Concept Foods
91 Mason Street
Campbellfield VIC 3061
Phone: 03) 9357 6007


Office Hours:
Monday to Friday
8.00am till 5.30pm

How to Order

Orders can be made via
Phone: 03) 9357 6007 or Email: orders@texturedconceptfoods.com.au