LAUNCHED! New Pureed Sandwich Range 🥪🚀🎉
LAUNCHED! Our new Pureed Sandwich Range has landed 🥪🚀🎉

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Just launched – Pureed Sandwich Range

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our texture modified sandwich range handcrafted with care to bring the simple pleasures back to menus.

Each bite is bursting with authentic flavours that cater to the unique preferences of dysphagia diners. From the richness of curried egg to the tanginess of pickle, every ingredient is thoughtfully selected to create a satisfying culinary experience. 

There are flavoursome fillings – Curried Egg, Tuna Mayo, and Corned Beef and Pickle (*Cheese and Tomato coming soon) – that we’ve packed into a Mixed Carton for healthcare organisations. Serve as a snack (2-points) or make it a meal (4-points) and choose what fillings you serve.

Our sandwiches are nutritious, convenient and versatile for busy people and kitchens in organisations and at home.

We believe that everyone deserves access to nutritional and tasty food.

We’re committed to bringing back the joy of eating and sharing food in a social environment with dignity and delight.

Our products are created to improve wellbeing. To close the gap and help people with swallowing and chewing difficulties to enjoy a better quality of life.

We make dining and food service an easy and enjoyable experience. Our team is committed to maximising nutritional intake at every meal.

We use nourishing ingredients that are used to hand craft nutritious meals
We make meals people look forward to and that bring joy to their days
We know nutrition, exceed standards and understand how kitchens work
We back wisdom with science so that our products are consistent, safe and the healthier choice
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Place the frozen products on a plate and cover with cling wrap. Leave to defrost in the fridge overnight.


Place the plate in the microwave for 60-90sec (*time varies depending on microwave). At home, create a moist environment for heating by placing 1/2 cup of water beside the plate.


Carefully remove the cling wrap from the plate (careful of escaping hot steam). Compliment your meal with your choice of gravy or sauce.

Self-managing my nephew Matthew’s NDIS Funding Plan means I deal with lots of service providers. TCF is a shining light and a lifesaver for Matt. We’ll be forever grateful.

Susie Elelman AM | NSW | Legal guardian to Matthew born with severe cerebal palsy

Since using your product, it has literally changed the lives of the residents on texture modified foods.

Not only the taste, but the overall presentation of TCF foods is amazing. I serve with the sauce/gravy in jugs on the side, which is poured at the table to enhance the presentation and dining experience.

The ease of use – love the zip lock bags, zero wastage, and minimal preparation time.

Also, Michelle from your office is fantastic. She was so helpful when we first started using your product. Thanks!

Craig Stevens | Japara George Vowell | Head Chef