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Why is a texture modified diet crucial within an aged care setting?

Texture modified diets play a vital role in catering to the nutritional needs of aged care residents, who often face heightened risks of malnutrition. Studies indicate that malnutrition prevalence among aged care residents can fluctuate significantly, ranging from 2% to 83%, with unintentional weight loss being a prevalent concern.

Unfortunately, the conventional method of producing pureed nursing home meals tends to compromise the nutritional density of the food, necessitating larger meal volumes to achieve optimal nutrition levels.

“In a study of 900 national health residents, 48% experienced at least one weight loss episode of more than 5% of their body weight – showed greater risk of death.”

(Sullivan 2004)

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Malnutrition exerts a multifaceted impact on patients, manifesting in various adverse outcomes:

  1. Weight loss: malnutrition often leads to unintended weight reduction, compromising overall health and vitality.
  2. Dysphagia (swallowing and chewing problems): difficulty in swallowing and chewing can arise, hindering proper nutrition intake and posing a risk of aspiration.
  3. Increased falls and fractures: malnourished individuals are more susceptible to falls and fractures due to weakened musculoskeletal systems.
  4. Increased infection or reduced immune function: malnutrition compromises the immune system, leaving individuals vulnerable to infections and impairing the body’s ability to fight off illnesses.
  5. Depression: malnutrition is linked to mood disturbances, including depression, affecting mental wellbeing and overall quality of life.
  6. Pressure ulcers or delayed wound healing: inadequate nutrition impairs tissue repair and can lead to the development of pressure ulcers or delayed wound healing.
  7. Decreased mobility: malnutrition can contribute to muscle weakness and decreased energy levels, limiting mobility and independence.
  8. Hospital admissions: malnourished individuals are more prone to illness and complications, resulting in frequent hospitalisations and healthcare interventions.
  9. Reduced quality of life: overall, malnutrition significantly diminishes the quality of life by affecting physical health, mental wellbeing, and functional abilities.
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Texture modified meals
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We guarantee TCF product consistency, quality and food safety across all our 24 aged care facilities, serving high standard meals for the minced and moist and pureed diets. The visual appearance of a well-presented ‘normal’ meal being a texture modified meal meant aged care residents were no longer embarrassed sitting with others at mealtimes.


Since using your product, it has literally changed the lives of the residents on texture modified foods.

Not only the taste, but the overall presentation of TCF foods is amazing. I serve with the sauce/gravy in jugs on the side, which is poured at the table to enhance the presentation and dining experience.

The ease of use – love the zip lock bags, zero wastage, and minimal preparation time.

Also, Michelle from your office is fantastic. She was so helpful when we first started using your product. Thanks!

Craig Stevens | Japara George Vowell | Head Chef

At 36 switching to purée food, I am actually enjoying it. The food is even moulded into shapes that represent the food shape which makes me feel better about my life and how to approach my condition.

I can’t thank you all enough for putting so much effort into making the purée meals even look inviting and delicious.

Their effort goes an extremely long way and I appreciate it more than they could ever imagine.

Metro North Health Patient | Queensland