LAUNCHED! New Pureed Sandwich Range 🥪🚀🎉
LAUNCHED! Our new Pureed Sandwich Range has landed 🥪🚀🎉

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Making wholesome a whole lot easier for healthcare organisations

Offering a diverse selection of meals with ample choice creates a positive dining experience, helping to reduce meal fatigue and foster a sense of enjoyment at mealtime.

If you’re an aged care facility or hospital, we offer the convenience of setting up an account and accessing our services through our user-friendly web portal.

Through the portal, you can securely shop online and use our credit card payment system, providing a seamless and efficient experience designed to meet your specific needs.


Why is a texture modified diet crucial in an aged care setting?

Texture modified diets are essential for meeting the nutritional needs of aged care residents, who often face a higher risk of malnutrition. Studies show that malnutrition rates in aged care settings can vary widely, ranging from 2% to 83%, with unintentional weight loss being a common problem.

Traditional methods of preparing pureed meals for nursing homes often dilute the nutritional content, requiring residents to consume larger meal portions to meet their dietary needs. This can be challenging for those with limited appetite or difficulty eating large volumes.

A 2004 study by Sullivan, examining 900 residents in aged care facilities, found that 48% experienced at least one episode of weight loss exceeding 5% of their body weight, leading to a higher risk of mortality.

These findings highlight the importance of a texture modified diet that maintains nutritional density, providing residents with the necessary nutrients without overwhelming them with large meal portions. A well-crafted texture modified diet is crucial for addressing these risks and ensuring that residents receive balanced, health-supporting meals.

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The adverse effects of malnutrition: a comprehensive overview

Malnutrition can have a wide range of negative effects on patients, leading to a variety of health complications:

  1. Weight loss malnutrition often results in unintended weight loss, undermining overall health and vitality.
  2. Dysphagia – problems with swallowing and chewing can emerge, reducing proper nutrient intake and increasing the risk of aspiration.
  3. Increased risk of falls and fractures – malnourished individuals have weaker muscles and bones, making them more prone to falls and fractures.
  4. Increased susceptibility to infections – malnutrition weakens the immune system, increasing vulnerability to infections and reducing the body’s ability to fight off illnesses.
  5. Depression – malnutrition is associated with mood disturbances, including depression, impacting mental health and overall quality of life.
  6. Pressure ulcers and delayed wound healing – a lack of proper nutrients impairs tissue repair, leading to pressure ulcers and slower healing of wounds.
  7. Decreased mobility – muscle weakness and reduced energy levels limit mobility and independence.
  8. Increased hospital admissions – malnourished individuals are more likely to require hospitalisations due to illness or other complications.
  9. Reduced quality of life – malnutrition affects not only physical health but also mental well-being and functional abilities, leading to a significant decrease in overall quality of life.

Addressing malnutrition is essential to improve patient outcomes, ensuring individuals can maintain their health, mobility, and wellbeing.

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Texture modified meals
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We guarantee TCF product consistency, quality and food safety across all our 24 aged care facilities, serving high standard meals for the minced and moist and pureed diets. The visual appearance of a well-presented ‘normal’ meal being a texture modified meal meant aged care residents were no longer embarrassed sitting with others at mealtimes.


Since using your product, it has literally changed the lives of the residents on texture modified foods.

Not only the taste, but the overall presentation of TCF foods is amazing. I serve with the sauce/gravy in jugs on the side, which is poured at the table to enhance the presentation and dining experience.

The ease of use – love the zip lock bags, zero wastage, and minimal preparation time.

Also, Michelle from your office is fantastic. She was so helpful when we first started using your product. Thanks!

Craig Stevens | Japara George Vowell | Head Chef

Heartwarming feedback received via MetroNorth’s anonymous Real-Time Feedback system from a patient.

“At 36, transitioning to purée food, I am actually enjoying it. The food is even moulded into shapes that represent the food itself, which makes me feel better about my life and how to approach my condition. I can’t thank you all enough for putting so much effort into making the purée meals look inviting and delicious. Your effort goes an extremely long way, and I appreciate it more than you could ever imagine.”

Keep up the fantastic work!

Timothy Tan | MetroNorth Health Queensland | Quality and Safety Coordinator