LAUNCHED! New Pureed Sandwich Range 🥪🚀🎉
LAUNCHED! Our new Pureed Sandwich Range has landed 🥪🚀🎉

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Soft and Bite-Sized slow-cooked proteins

Experience the wholesomeness in every delicious bite.

Choose from our Soft and Bite-Sized Level 6 range of Pork, Beef, Chicken, and Lamb for your next meal.

Make sure to include our delicious sauces or traditional brown gravy! Perfect for adding to the menu in healthcare settings or home dining, our SB6 protein range brings wholesome, hearty and enjoyable meals to those with specific dietary needs.

How are our Soft and Bite-Sized proteins different?

Our Soft and Bite-Sized protein products stand out for their exceptional texture quality and flavour. Here’s what makes them unique:

  • 28.7g protein per serving
  • 25.4g protein per serving
  • 33.0g protein per serving
  • 36.2g protein per serving
  • Allergen-free products
  • Slow-cooked for 12+ hours
  • Just add gravy
  • 6 servings per pack
  • 6 packs per carton

High in protein

Packed with essential protein, these products provide the nutrition needed for a balanced diet, supporting muscle health and overall wellbeing.


Our Soft and Bite-Sized proteins are allergy-free, ensuring they can be enjoyed by everyone without concern.

Slow-cooked to perfection

Meat is slow-cooked to ensure it’s tender and juicy. This gradual cooking process breaks down the meat gently, so it’s easy to chew and swallow.

Rich, complex flavours

As the meat cooks slowly, it absorbs many flavours, creating a rich and complex taste experience. Each bite is packed with depth and deliciousness.

Enhance your meal with our sauces or brown gravy

For an even more flavourful meal, we highly recommend adding our Traditional Brown Gravy or one of our Sauces to your Soft and Bite-Sized proteins.

We offer 8 Moderately Thick Sauces and Gravy to choose from that perfectly complement the tender meats and enhance the overall dining experience.

1. Apricot sauce
2. Chasseur sauce
3. Mushroom sauce
4. Mustard sauce
5. Red Wine Jus
6. White Cheese sauce
7. Tomato sauce

Read more onour Soft and Bite-Sized protein ingredients and nutrition or order via our shop.