LAUNCHED! New Pureed Sandwich Range 🥪🚀🎉
LAUNCHED! Our new Pureed Sandwich Range has landed 🥪🚀🎉

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Texture modified food and meals that are wholesome, nutritious, and versatile.

Our products are crafted from wholesome and nutritious ingredients to support a healthy diet at any age. We deliver texture modified products across Australia, and offer the largest variety of choices, ensuring you never get bored with your meals.

What makes our products unique is their blend of flavour, nutrition, and carefully moulded shapes. Each individual serving of meat, fish, vegetarian dishes, vegetables, desserts, and fruits are designed to be easily recognisable on your plate, enhancing both the visual appeal and the dining experience.

Our ultra-convenient Pre-Plated Meals (PPM) are designed with your needs in mind – easy to order, simple to prepare, and safe to consume. Each meal contains protein and vegetables on a single plate, which can be stored, defrosted, reheated, and served in the comfort of your home or care facility.

We ensure that all our products meet specific consistency and texture standards, overseen by our in-house dietitian. Our products are designed to be used with the IDDSI (International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative) standards for Pureed Level 4, Minced & Moist Level 5, Soft and Bite-Sized Level 6 and Moderately Thick Level 3 (sauces/gravy).

We set the benchmark for high-quality production processes, ensuring that every product on your plate is not only wholesome and nutritious but also visually appealing.

Products offered:

  • Meat: Pureed Level 4, Minced & Moist Level 5, Soft and Bite-Sized Level 6
  • Vegetarian: Pureed Level 4, Minced & Moist Level 5
  • Vegetables: Pureed Level 4, Minced & Moist Level 5
  • Desserts and fruits: Pureed Level 4

Experience the best texture modified meals with our delicious and nutritionally balanced range of products.

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