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Healthcare Case Study

Zoe Walsh worked as a dedicated Dietetics and Food Services Team Leader at MetroNorth Hospital and Health Service’s Community and Oral Health Directorate. Zoe kindly agreed to offer insights into her experience incorporating Texture Concept Foods into her role at MetroNorth.
  • Issue: Every texture modified meal was monotonous, consisting of four uniform blobs on a plate.
  • Solution: Substituting uniform blobs of pureed food with TCF moulded products on the plate.
  • Result: Broader menu variety, improved food aesthetics and flavours, delighted and healthier residents.
How do you contribute to the preparation of textured modified foods?

In this role, I designed and supervised the implementation of long-term cyclic menus across four small food services, specifically catering to aged care residents and subacute clients. A considerable portion of our clientele has dysphagia, necessitating long-term texture modified diets with a variety of textured foods.

How long have you been involved in the industry?

I’ve been in Food Service Management since October 2014.

What do you find most fulfilling about this role?

I found it incredibly rewarding to have the authority to make decisions and implement changes to our menus and food service offerings, ultimately improving nutritional adequacy and client satisfaction.

Why did you turn to our texture modified food products initially?

Before integrating TCF products, our texture modified meals lacked visual appeal, often appearing as uniform blobs on the plate covered in sauce or gravy. Additionally, minced diet clients frequently received pureed textures due to limited options in minced wet protein and vegetables.

What specific challenges did your texture modified food diet clients/residents experience?

Our clients faced issues with meal presentation aesthetics and a lack of variety in menu items, both in appearance and flavours.

Have our products addressed your specific challenges effectively?

Absolutely! The utilisation of TCF molded meal products has enabled us to diversify our menu offerings, enhancing both the visual appeal and attractiveness of our texture modified meals.

What were the particular advantages for your organisation in utilising our products?

The benefits are numerous:

  1. Increased variety – by incorporating TCF moulded meals during lunch and wet texture modified meals at dinner, we’ve ensured clients enjoy a broader selection, reducing meal monotony.
  2. Enhanced visual appeal – the improved presentation benefits clients but also resonates with their families and support networks, as they witness their loved ones being served visually appealing meals rather than repetitive or unappetising options.

“Incorporating TCF moulded meal products has diversified our menu offerings and significantly enhanced the visual presentation and appeal of our texture modified meals.”

Zoe Walsh, former Dietetics and Food Services Team Leader, MetroNorth Hospital

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Our resident was moved to tears of joy when her tray was collected and expressed immense gratitude for the new meals, stating that she couldn’t thank us enough. She’s now consuming almost everything on her plate with pleasure.

Annette Keck | Kyabram District Health Service | Food Services Supervisor

For Katrina, every meal is now a joyful anticipation, free from the fear of choking or illness. And having sampled the meals myself, I’m thoroughly impressed by their taste, appearance, and quality.

Ann | NSW | Carer to her daughter Katrina

Since using your product, it has literally changed the lives of the residents on texture modified foods.

Craig Stevens | Japara George Vowell | Head Chef

Beyond the operational benefits, the feedback from our care staff has been overwhelmingly positive. They report that residents on texture modified meals are eating more, which has led to a noticeable reduction in weight loss – an essential outcome of our commitment to providing the best care possible.

Stephen Milsted | BlueCross | Hospitality Operations Manager

Self-managing my nephew Matthew’s NDIS Funding Plan means I deal with lots of service providers. TCF is a shining light and a lifesaver for Matt. We’ll be forever grateful.

Susie Elelman AM | NSW | Legal guardian to Matthew born with severe cerebal palsy

Recently, mum was approved to trial a pureed diet alongside enteral feeding, and your product offerings have been instrumental in facilitating her transition back to oral consumption. She particularly relishes your menus, with the desserts being a standout favourite.

Jessa Melicor | NSW | Carer for her mother on NDIS

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