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Stronger Standards with wholesome food solutions

Discover the new era of food, nutrition and dining standards for healthcare and aged care organisations.

We understand the challenges

Healthcare and aged care organisations face improving texture modified food options that meet the specific nutritional needs of dysphagia diners without sacrificing taste, pleasure, and enjoyment.

With a decade-long commitment to improving resident/patient-centred care, we offer exactly what’s required – homemade, handcrafted (moulded) food solutions that cater to dietary requirements and enhance the overall healthcare dining experience.

Traditionally, aged care and hospital meals have been associated with blandness and lack of variety.

Well we’re here to disrupt that narrative and support healthcare organisations.

Our resident was moved to tears of joy when her tray was collected and expressed immense gratitude for the new meals, stating that she couldn’t thank us enough. She’s now consuming almost everything on her plate with pleasure.

Annette Keck | Kyabram District Health Service | Food Services Supervisor

And we’ve got you covered

TCF has been preparing for new and improved standards for over a decade. Co-owners Darren Benfell, an Executive Chef and Dr Lisa Sossen, a Practicing Dietitian both have extensive backgrounds in the healthcare industry and understand the importance of creating texture modified meals that look and taste good while positively impacting individuals’ health and wellbeing.

Our broader team appreciates the pride and motivation experienced by healthcare workers, including chefs, in making a real difference through their culinary creations.

Beyond the operational benefits, the feedback from our care staff has been overwhelmingly positive. They report that residents on texture modified meals are eating more, which has led to a noticeable reduction in weight loss – an essential outcome of our commitment to providing the best care possible.

Stephen Milsted | BlueCross | Hospitality Operations Manager

Commercial realities

We recognise the commercial reality healthcare organisations face, from time pressures to budget constraints, staffing issues and more. Yet, we believe in adding that extra special touch to each meal, elevating the dining experience for dysphagia diners. With our technical expertise and investment in fit-for-purpose equipment, we ensure consistently safe and quality texture modified meals every time.


Variety and personalisation are key aspects of our approach. We recognise the importance of avoiding meal fatigue and menu repetition for diners on texture modified diets. Through creativity and innovation, we offer a thousand possible combinations of choices, making each meal a delightful experience.

Wholesome nutrition

Above all, we prioritise nutrition without compromising on taste, flavour, or visual appeal. Our wholesome texture modified products are crafted in moulds, ensuring easy identification on the plate and enhancing the overall presentation of the meal. Because when food looks good and tastes good, diners are more likely to enjoy their meal and meet their nutritional needs effectively.

Changing food environment

We’re committed to meeting the evolving needs of dysphagia diners while addressing the challenges of the changing food environment. Alongside providing texture modified options, we recognise the importance of accommodating various food intolerances and preferences, including gluten, dairy/lactose intolerance, FODMAP sensitivities, and the future demand for plant-based meals. Our menu boasts a diverse range of vegetarian and vegan options, ensuring everyone can enjoy delicious and nutritious meals tailored to their dietary requirements.

Food waste

Additionally, we understand the ongoing issue of food waste – from preparation to uneaten meals in healthcare and aged care settings. Pre-production kitchen waste is significantly high for organisations when making their own textures in-house and diners who express concerns about overwhelming portion sizes with reduced appetites or a lack of meal variety. That’s why we manage preparation waste and prioritise nutritious portion-controlled sizes and a wide array of choices, enabling diners to enjoy food when they feel like it without generating unnecessary waste.

Stronger standards

With our patient-centred approach, technical expertise, and commitment to food sustainability, TCF is not just a provider of texture modified food solutions but a partner in transforming the dining experience for dysphagia diners.

We support and advise healthcare organisations moving from in-house texture modification production to meeting the Better Aged Care Program’s Standard 6 – Food and Nutrition ensuring older people experience an improved quality of life with meals and dining experiences.

Since using your product, it has literally changed the lives of the residents on texture modified foods.

Craig Stevens | Japara George Vowell | Head Chef

Standard 6 – Food and Nutrition

This standard aims to strengthen the requirements around food, nutrition and dining experiences.

  • Partnering with older people to provide quality food services
  • Assessing each person’s nutritional needs, including what and how the person likes to eat and drink
  • Provision of food and drink, including menu design, choice and flavourful meals
  • Providing an enjoyable dining experience

Supporting healthcare organisations

We support healthcare organisations to meet the evolving and new food, nutrition and dining standards for those they care for and those who need it most.

Resources hub

Discover valuable resources to deepen your understanding of changing standards via the following links:


Recently, mum was approved to trial a pureed diet alongside enteral feeding, and your product offerings have been instrumental in facilitating her transition back to oral consumption. She particularly relishes your menus, with the desserts being a standout favourite.

Jessa Melicor | NSW | Carer for her mother on NDIS

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