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What do aged care residents and patients with dysphagia need?

Our founders have worked in aged care collectively for over 50 years, accumulating specialised knowledge and experience on what aged care residents and patients with dysphagia need.

But, just don’t take our word for it. We have collated information from some of the best names in the food industry that support our knowledge, such as food enthusiast Das Sreedharan:

“Food is the fundamental light that ignites our soul. It is about emotions, love and nurturing. Food is what connects and reunites people across generations; it is a source of ultimate happiness.”

In a recent statement from the Royal High Commission into aged care, it was found that high-quality food is vital to wellness in aged care as Lindy Twyford, one nursing home worker who values good food for residents said:

“I see the impact and the importance good food has on a resident. The residents love little things. It’s huge for the resident. What seems like little things to us are huge to them. Nutrition is vitally important to both physical and emotional wellbeing because malnourishment will lead to wounds or bedsores. To residents, it’s a social site in the dining room…it gives them importance and independence.”

And Maggie Beer from the Maggie Beer Foundation identified how vital flavour is to the wellbeing of elderly people in aged care homes:

“Every meal, every bite of sustenance should be of goodness but flavour first. Flavour, goodness and pleasure; without those three things in equal measures, [residents] don’t have enough to look forward to, to get up in the morning. That is just so vital that we provide that.”


How can I find out about ingredients and allergens in your products and meals?

Our ingredients and allergens are listed in Shop Now. If you have any questions please contact us.

How does your texture modified food address resident’s nutritional needs?

Our products are portion-controlled, which means you can offer small, medium or larger sized serves. Studies show that residents in aged care have smaller appetites and feel overwhelmed with large meals. We offer resident’s appropriate serving sizes with their feelings in mind.

(Sossen et al. 2020, Sossen, L (Thesis) 2021)

We aim to provide nutritionally dense foods and formulate recipes that minimise diluted nutrition that’s commonly found in texture modified foods. We also understand that it’s not all about providing adequate energy and protein – we ensure that every mouthful counts. We know that less wastage on the plate means more nutrition consumed.

How do your products and meals address nutrition concerns, considering texture modified meals are notoriously nutritionally poor?

Our products are:

  • Designed in collaboration with our in-house dietitian. This maximises the nutritional value of each offering
  • Standard ingredients familiar in the kitchen. We do not use commercial supplement powders
  • Checked for quality. Each product must pass nutrition, taste and IDDSI (International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative) testing.


We pride ourselves on our rigorous recipe preparation. All our meals provide 8-37% more protein than regular scooped pureed meals. This means on average a menu incorporating our products for 2 meals and 1 snack can provide an average of 7.9MJ and 94g protein daily*

*Monash University Dietetics Student Research 2012, 2013

How does ordering product and meals direct from you help my organisation?

Ordering direct from us means your aged care or hospital organisation can conveniently make weekly or fortnightly orders that allows cost savings in storage and distributor costs which means more plate options and variety for your diners.

How do Chefs in our aged care or hospital settings prepare your products and meals?

Whether you purchase our products in bulk or order pre-plated meals, we’ve made preparing and serving meals from healthcare organisation kitchens as easy as 1-2-3!

To prepare our packaged products:

1: Plate your food and allow to defrost

2: Reheat the plates in your commercial oven (reheat any sauces separately and serve on the side)

3: Serve and enjoy!

Download our commercial kitchen heating instructions.

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