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LAUNCHED! Our new Pureed Sandwich Range has landed 🥪🚀🎉

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Nutritional resources for aged care residents and dysphagia patients

Access valuable resources to enhance your understanding of the nutritional and safety needs of aged care residents and patients living with dysphagia.

The IDDSI (International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative) Framework holds immense significance for manufacturers of texture modified food due to its standardised approach to texture modification.

By aligning with the IDDSI guidelines, manufacturers ensure consistency and clarity in the texture of their products, which is crucial for individuals with dysphagia. This consistency not only enhances safety by reducing the risk of choking or aspiration but also promotes better nutritional intake and overall quality of life for those with swallowing difficulties.

Moreover, designing products to be used with the IDDSI Framework allows manufacturers to meet the requirements and preferences of healthcare professionals and caregivers who rely on these specialised food products to support their patients and loved ones effectively.

TCF Co-owner and Dietitian Dr Lisa Sossen is part of the Australian IDDSI reference group – operational work group.

By embracing the IDDSI standards, the team at Textured Concept Foods demonstrates a commitment to improving the wellbeing and dietary experience of individuals with dysphagia, fostering trust and confidence among consumers and healthcare professionals alike.

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