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About us

We’re an Australian company on a mission to transform people’s lives through the food they eat. We’re dedicated to producing value-added texture modified products and meals that are safe, wholesome and visually appealing.

Established in 2012, the TCF founding team consists of former chef Darren Benfell and leading dietitian Lisa Sossen who share a common passion: to bring dignity back to mealtimes for people on a texture modified diet. Together Darren and Lisa have built a successful business that produces Australia’s largest range of texture modified products and meals.

Our dietitian designed recipes use fresh, all-natural ingredients ensuring every meal tastes as good as it looks while meeting high nutrition and safety standards. Each moulded product goes through our robust production process and is snap frozen as individual products and presented in user-friendly, resealable packaging that makes preparation easy and convenient while reducing food wastage. 

Since commencing, TCF continues to receive positive feedback and testimonials from resident diners and family members, home users and carers, speech pathologists, dietitians and health representatives who tell us how much our textured modified food products and meals have transformed mealtime experiences and enjoyment of food for so many people.

Our vision is simple – to be a world-class leader in textured modified foods, brought about by innovation, eye-catching presentation and a high standard of nutrition. Our entire team leads from our core values of diligence, respect, integrity, innovation and leadership.

Our mission is to enable all people with dysphagia – chewing and swallowing difficulties – to dine with dignity by providing highly nutritious textured modified food. We service a part of the industry that has long been forgotten regarding the quality of food that is served to them. Our nutritious value-added textured modified products are in desperate need by our Australian dysphagia community.

Dysphagia is defined as having a chewing and swallowing problem and affects 8% of the world’s population and 60% of the aged care population.

Food, nourishment and the safe enjoyment of meals becomes difficult with dysphagia due to the heightened risk of choking. History shows that choking is the second highest cause of preventable death in aged care.

Our broad base of customers not only includes residents in aged care but also stroke and cancer survivors, people living with Parkinson’s, cerebral palsy, MS and many other people who are managing their short and long term health conditions who require textured modified diets.

Historically, we know pureed meals were typically served as scoops of four colours on a plate. The monotony, low variety, disoriented taste perception, unappealing visual appearance and diluted nutrition resulted in poor meal consumption and therefore unintentional weight loss for people with dysphagia.

Our textured modified food product range provides solutions to two of the biggest issues in aged care and hospital kitchens – safety and convenience. But the benefit to our diverse end-users is at the heart of our products. There’s nothing better than witnessing the transformation of a person who was previously fed four scoops in a bowl and disengaged from eating to looking forward to mealtimes and restoring their desire to eat again and sit with their fellow residents and enjoy their meal.