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Patients first delivers nutritious food to all aged care residents that is beneficial to their overall health and wellbeing.

Aged care residents on texture modified diets often miss out on the joy of eating real food in the company of others. Residents want to feel a sense of belonging and look forward to eating their meals socially with others.

How do our texture modified products benefit residents and patients overall health and wellbeing?

People on texture modified diets often miss out on eating real food in the company of others. Our solution is delivering a varied texture modified menu that works easily and simultaneously with a general menu.

When aged care residents are served our texture modified products, they regain a sense of belonging and look forward to joining other residents at meal times because their food looks (and tastes) like real food.

It’s common for hospital patients to lose their normal appetite. Hospital-acquired malnutrition can occur with a consistently poor food intake. Our portion-controlled meals are appealing to the eye and can assist people experiencing loss of appetite helps with patient recovery.

The same applies to those eating texture modified meals at home. Preparing and serving a meal that looks appealing, tastes great and has all the goodness of a home-cooked meal makes mealtimes an enjoyable experience.

What are the proven benefits of our quality food products and meals?

The Monash University Dietetics Student Research 2012 found three key benefits of using quality, value-added texture modified food.

  1. It increased resident satisfaction, as well as improving meal consumption
  2. Diners eat more when they can recognise their food, feeling they’re eating a dignified and quality meal rather than an inferior meal (plus there is less waste)
  3. An increased sense of pride from kitchen staff comes from producing meals that improve overall job satisfaction.

What does ‘we eat with our eyes (first)’ mean?

‘We eat with our eyes (first)’ means food preparation should also include making the food appear visually attractive.

It is a term derived from positive psychology in which the eating experience is dramatically enhanced when the food served is easy to identify by residents, patients, carers and caterers, and allows diners to respond to their meals in a positive and emotional way.

We guarantee TCF product consistency, quality and food safety across all our 24 aged care facilities, serving high standard meals for the minced and moist and pureed diets. The visual appearance of a well-presented ‘normal’ meal being a texture modified meal meant aged care residents were no longer embarrassed sitting with others at mealtimes.


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