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We’ve responded to our most frequently asked questions here. If you’ve got a different question, please contact our team on (03) 9357 6007.

What are the key benefits of your food products and meals?

The Monash University Dietetics Student Research 2012 found three key benefits of using quality, value-added texture modified food.

  1. It increased resident satisfaction, as well as improved meal consumption
  2. Diners eat more when they can recognise their food and feel they are eating a quality dignified meal, not an inferior meal (plus there is less waste)
  3. An increased sense of pride from kitchen staff producing meals improves overall job satisfaction.


How do you save time and money in my commercial kitchen?

We transform the way your kitchen manages texture modified meals.


One of the key time savings for commercial kitchens is the significant reduction in labour. Key labour savings include:

  • Reduced preparation time – cutting, washing, mixing, preparing to cook and time spent monitoring cooking, flavouring and texture modifying.
  • Eliminate inconsistent and diluted recipes – we take care of the recipes and produce the food according to our recipes
  • You bear no HACCP risks – all the risk associated with cooking and blending is taken on by us.

Today with all the IDDSI textures, kitchens are asked to provide three different texture modified foods which can be labour intensive and hard to get it right all of the time.


One of the key money savings for commercial kitchens is the reduction in food wastage. Key financial savings include:

  • Meal waste reduction – 15% on average for TCF meals compared to 32.5% on average for scoop-style meals
  • Supplement reduction – less supplements are required with our highly nutritious food.



How can you assist in creating a well-designed menu?

A well-designed menu has choice, variety and colour. When designing a menu for texture modified diets, choice and variety are often forgotten – colours tend to be brown, white, orange and green and there’s a tendency to have only one choice available.


TCF protein products are designed to canvass your flavours to match the main menu. You can use a sauce that matches your standard menu or use one of our specialty made sauces.

We also offer an extensive range of vegetables and vegetarian options.


And don’t forget about our desserts! Garnish with cream, custard, coulis or yoghurt. Diners enjoy having more than custard, yoghurt, fruit puree, mousse and panna cotta for dessert.


It’s super easy to supplement an alternative from our product range. We can provide additional services to help you customise your menu. Have a chat with our dietitian for more information – Lisa@texturedconceptfoods.com.au


How do I view, order and purchase your texture modified foods?

You can view, order and purchase all of our products online via our website by going to our products page. Please feel free to call us on (03) 9357 6007 to find your nearest distributor.

How much should I order?

If you are a home user:

  • The product range including the number of items listed in each packet can be found on our product page.
  • We recommend two (2) main meals consisting of one protein and two vegetables per day plus one (1) morning/afternoon snack.


If you are a commercial kitchen:

  • The number of items listed in each carton can be found on our products page.
  • We recommend two (2) main meals consisting of one protein and two (2) vegetables per day plus one (1) morning/afternoon snack.


How does your texture modified products and meals arrive?

We supply packaged products and Pre-Plated Meals (PPM). All our individual meat, vegetarian, vegetable and dessert/snack and fruit portions are secured in user-friendly, resealable packaging to ensure product integrity, ease of use and reduction in food wastage.

How long will your products last?

Our products and meals are snap-frozen with a shelf life of 12 months, so you can conveniently have them on hand for the longer term.

How do I store your food products and meals?

We recommend storing our texture modified food products and meals in a your freezer.


How do I prepare your texture modified products and meals?

Preparing your meal is as simple as 1-2-3: Defrost-Heat-Serve. Please refer to our preparation and heating instructions depending on the meal and your location:

  • Our PPMs at home (microwave)
  • Our products at home (microwave)
  • Our products in commercial kitchens (steam oven).




How do I find a distributor?

Feel free to contact us on (03) 9357 6007 to find your nearest distributor.


Do you use locally sourced ingredients in your food products?


As an Australian-owned business operating from Victoria and supplying across Australia, we manufacture our products using locally sourced Australian ingredients.

We choose to use fresh and natural ingredients in our products so when our home-cooked meals are snap frozen they’ve locked in the goodness and nutrition you’d expect from a superior value-added product.

Our free-range eggs, 90% of our meats, and most of our vegetables are sourced from Victorian suppliers. For products we cannot source locally, we trust and use Australian produce.