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Texture modified food feedback: diners’ experiences

Discover inspiring stories from those enjoying our accessible food and dining solutions

Don never imagined that enjoying a meal could be such a challenge until he was diagnosed with Motor Neuron Disease (MND). Swallowing and chewing became daily hurdles, making him hesitant to sit down for a meal. Read more of Don’s story.

In 2012, my son Darren and his business partner Lisa courageously poured their last pennies into establishing the pioneering venture of crafting texture modified foods. Stepping in, I infused additional funds to sustain the momentum. Little did I foresee that a decade on, I’d find myself directly benefiting from this investment by purchasing food products and meals from them.

Textured Concept Foods has been an absolute game-changer for me. The texture modified products cater to my specific needs and deliver on taste in a truly remarkable way. Despite my difficulties, I savour every bite because the flavours are so authentic, reminding me of home-cooked meals I used to love.

What’s more, the design of their moulded products is visually appealing, sparking my interest and making me excited to dig in. It’s not just about sustenance anymore; it’s about enjoying the entire dining experience.

And let’s talk about convenience. With portion-controlled products, I no longer worry about getting the necessary nutrition. It’s a relief knowing that each serving is perfectly balanced, allowing me to focus on enjoying my meal without any added stress.

Thanks to Textured Concept Foods, mealtime has transformed from a daunting task to a delightful experience. I’m grateful for their dedication to providing quality, innovative solutions for individuals like me facing swallowing and chewing difficulties due to MND.

And recently, despite my challenges, I licked the plate clean after indulging in the delicious Easter Eggs treats. Moments like these remind me of the joy of eating, and I’m thankful to Textured Concept Foods for making it possible.

Textured Concept Foods has been an absolute game-changer for me.
Don with Lyn Dunkley our amazing sales contact on the ground in Queensland.

Annette Keck is the Food Services Supervisor at Kyabram District Health Service who received some heartwarming resident feedback regarding our meals. Her resident’s reaction truly speaks for itself! Read more from Annette.

One of our residents, upon trying your meals, was moved to tears of joy when her tray was collected. We had previously informed her about our exploration of new meal options and asked for her feedback, as she is currently the only one on a puree diet.

In her own words, she expressed immense gratitude for the new meals, stating that she couldn’t thank us enough. She’s now consuming almost everything on her plate with pleasure.

As a result, I’ve made the decision to exclusively order your products from Cadell Food Service, discontinuing the puree meals we used to make in-house.

Thank you once again for taking the time to visit us and provide samples to try. Your products surpass anything we’ve experienced before.

A winter classic, Shepherd’s Pie with vegetables, is a satisfying favourite meal.
The perfect blend of sponge cake delicately rolled with a sweet, fruity jelly filling.

Timothy Tan is the Quality and Safety Coordinator at MetroNorth Health in Queensland and shared some heartwarming feedback he received via their anonymous Real-Time Feedback system. It’s a testament to the positive impact we’re making in people’s lives. Read more from a MetroNorth patient in Queensland.

“At 36, transitioning to purée food, I am actually enjoying it. The food is even moulded into shapes that represent the food itself, which makes me feel better about my life and how to approach my condition. I can’t thank you all enough for putting so much effort into making the purée meals look inviting and delicious. Your effort goes an extremely long way, and I appreciate it more than you could ever imagine.”

Keep up the fantastic work!

Wholesome goodness – dive into our succulent roast chicken paired perfectly with vibrant pureed vegetables.
Enjoy the enchanting fusion of smooth custard nestled within tender Madeline biscuits.

Jessa Melicor extended her heartfelt gratitude to TCF and our team for crafting exceptional, nutritious, and dignified food options tailored to the dietary needs of individuals with disabilities. Read more about Jessa’s dietary journey with her mum.

As an NDIS participant, I rely on Textured Concept Foods for product excellence as I navigate my mother’s dietary journey. Recently, she was approved to trial a pureed diet alongside enteral feeding, and your offerings have been instrumental in facilitating her transition back to oral consumption. She particularly relishes your menus, with the desserts being a standout favourite.

The convenience of ordering through your website has been invaluable to us, and we appreciate the continuous innovation and creativity reflected in your menus.

We eagerly anticipate exploring more of your offerings and replenishing my mother’s preferred meals. With an eye out for any new additions, we’re especially excited about the prospect of breakfast options.

Thank you for your dedication to providing quality options that enhance the lives of individuals like my mother.

French Toast – a breakfast classic of bread soaked in a rich mixture of eggs, milk, and vanilla.
Savor our irresistible dessert range – a melody for your taste buds.

For over two years now, Ann has relied on our texture modified food to ensure her daughter Katrina’s safety and enjoyment at mealtime. With dysphagia requiring all Katrina’s meals to be pureed for safe swallowing, our products have been a game-changer. Read Ann and Katrina’s journey.

It all began when Katrina faced Aspiration Pneumonia and a Speech Therapist recommended Textured Concept Foods during her hospital stay. Not only did she relish your pureed meals, but her health significantly improved, with stable weight and zero incidents of pneumonia since.

For Katrina, every meal is now a joyful anticipation, free from the fear of choking or illness. And having sampled the meals myself, I’m thoroughly impressed by their taste, appearance, and quality.

Textured Concept Foods remained our trusted choice even during our extended stay in Western Australia, providing consistency and peace of mind. Trying alternatives proved disappointing, with subpar taste and quality leading to aspiration incidents.

With Textured Concept Foods, mealtime isn’t just about sustenance – it’s about safety, satisfaction, and peace of mind for Katrina and our entire family.

Fuel the day with a flavourful twist – Carrot Lentil Pasta. A nutritious delight that satisfies.
Comfort of home-cooked Lamb Chop in a rich, traditional brown gravy served with wholesome vegetables.

A simple “thank you” doesn’t begin to convey the depth of gratitude that Susie Elelman and her nephew Matthew and all his family who care for him feel for the incredible impact TCF has had on his life. Read more about how we helped not only make Matthew’s meals enjoyable again but also ensured his safety.

Matthew was born 16 weeks prematurely in 1988, enduring multiple near-fatal complications during delivery. The effects left him with severe cerebral palsy, legal blindness, and a range of other disabilities that require 24/7 care for all his personal needs. Despite these challenges, Matthew has a vibrant personality and a fantastic sense of humour. However, his increasing dysphagia has turned mealtime into a source of fear due to the high risk of choking and aspiration.

Matthew has been on a strict diet of pureed foods and thickened fluids for decades. Though his caregivers at the group home have always taken great care in preparing his meals, the blending of flavours and inconsistent textures often diminished his eating experience. In March 2020, Matthew was rushed to the hospital with aspiration pneumonia, a terrifying experience that underscored the need for a more reliable solution.

That’s when we found Textured Concept Foods. After hearing high praise about their products, we decided to try them. Matthew’s first TCF meal in June 2020 was a game-changer. The consistency and texture were spot on, enabling him to swallow safely without fear. Even better, the separation of meats, fish, vegetables, and desserts allowed Matthew to rediscover the joy of tasting individual flavours. Since then, he’s savoured every meal and snack from TCF, and his mealtimes are now a highlight of his day.

Beyond the quality of the food, the kindness, prompt service, and personal touch from everyone at TCF have been truly exceptional. As someone who manages Matthew’s NDIS funding plan and deals with numerous service providers, I can honestly say that Textured Concept Foods stands out as a beacon of excellence.

Thank you for making a real difference in Matthew’s life and giving us the peace of mind that comes with knowing he’s in safe hands at mealtime. We are eternally grateful to you and your team.

In 2016, Stephen Milsted worked as a Hospitality Operations Manager who shared the profound impact that TCF had on the dining experience for his residents at BlueCross over the past three years. Read more from Stephen to understand how our products have transformed the way our residents enjoy their meals, giving them a sense of dignity and inclusion that is truly priceless.

I’ll never forget the day when one of our residents broke down in tears after seeing her meal. What she initially thought was a beautifully presented “regular” meal was a texture modified dish. For the first time, she felt comfortable and unashamed eating with others, without fear of judgment or embarrassment. Moments like these underscore the incredible value that TCF brings to our facilities.

From a business perspective, TCF has allowed us to maintain consistent quality and food safety across all 24 BlueCross aged care facilities. The ability to serve high-quality meals for minced mash and puree diets with reliability and precision has been a game-changer. By using TCF, we’ve significantly reduced the need for skilled labour and specialised equipment, leading to substantial cost savings compared to conventional meal preparation methods.

Beyond the operational benefits, the feedback from our care staff has been overwhelmingly positive. They report that residents on texture modified meals are eating more, which has led to a noticeable reduction in weight loss – an essential outcome of our commitment to providing the best care possible.

Thank you for your dedication to excellence and for making a tangible difference in the lives of our residents. We look forward to continuing our partnership with TCF and witnessing even more success stories in the future.