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Healthcare Case Study

Zoe Walsh is the Dietetics and Food Services Team Leader for Community and Oral Health Directorate within MetroNorth Hospital and Health Service. We have kindly asked her to share her experience using Texture Concept Foods within her role at MetroNorth.
  • PROBLEM: Every texture modified meal was identical - 4 blobs on a plate!
  • SOLUTION: Replace blobs of pureed food with TCF moulded products on a plate
  • RESULT: Increase in menu variety with enhanced food appearance and flavours means happy and healthy residents.

What’s your role with textured modified foods?

I design and oversee the implementation of long term cyclic menus in four small food services catering to Aged Care residents and subacute clients. A significant portion of our cliental have dysphagia requiring long term texture modified diets with a range of texture modified foods.

How long have you been in this role/industry?

I have been in this Food Service Management role Since October 2014

What do you love most about your role?

Being empowered to make decisions and implement changes to our menus and food service provision that better meet the nutrition needs and satisfaction of our clients.

Before using TCF products

Why did you seek out our texture modified food products?

Pre-TCF every texture modified meal looked identical – four blobs of the same texture in slightly different colours on the plate covered in sauce/gravy.

Minced diet clients were given pureed textures on many occasions as there was a very limited range in the minced wet protein and no availability of minced vegetables.

What specific issues did your texture modified food diet clients/residents face?

The specific issues were a lack of aesthetic appearance in meal presentation and a lack of variety in menu item range including appearance and flavours.

After using TCF products:

Has using our products helped solve your specific problem/obstacle?

Yes! Using TCF moulded meal products has allowed us to increase variety on our menu. And it has improved the aesthetic appearance and appeal of texture modified meals.

What are the specific benefits to your organisation using our products?

Benefits include:

  • Variety – we now serve the TCF moulded meals at lunch and wet texture modified meals at night, so clients don’t get bored with the appearance of meals.
  • Improved aesthetic appeal – this is beneficial for not only the clients but also family and client supports as they too see the client being offered an attractive meal rather than sloppy and/or repetitive looking meals.

“Using TCF moulded meal products has allowed us to increase variety on our menu. And it has improved the aesthetic appearance and appeal of texture modified meals.”

Zoe Walsh, Dietetics and Food Services Team Leader, MetroNorth Hospital

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