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Textured Concept Foods (TCF) has inspired the rise of its sister company Textured Food Innovations (TFI) located in New York, USA.

Textured Concept Food (TCF) co-founders Darren Benfell and Lisa Sossen are passionate about bringing the joy of eating back to thousands of people with dysphagia. Since 2012, Darren, Lisa and the TCF team in Australia have not only worked to create textured modified food products that are IDDSI compliant for the Pureed Level 4 and Minced & Moist Level 5, but food products that look and taste great while delivering on the nutritional quality you’d expect from a value-added product.

Through a AUS-US partnership, TCF has inspired a sister company called Textured Food Innovations (TFI) located in New York, USA. Delivering the same unique and wholesome moulded textured modified food products and meals in the United States, TFI co-founders and speech pathologists Dr Carol Letzter and Dr John Amato will launch their business in 2022.

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TFI was founded in 2019 by Carol and John with TCF co-founder Darren Benfell being the developer of TFI moulded textured modified food products and meals. With the same passion, drive and enthusiasm as Darren and Lisa, Carol and John created TFI in line with the TCF vision of being a world class leader in textured modified foods and restoring dignity back to the dining experience for people with dysphagia.

We look forward to celebrating the TFI launch in 2022.

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